Dorota Owczarek
8 minutes
June 7, 2024

Event Management Made Easy: Discover the Power of Advocu's Latest Features

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What's on this page

Managing speakers and presentations during a conference can be challenging, especially when it involves a mix of in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats. Streamlining it was a core goal behind Advocu’s latest features, which we’re excited to unveil. From initial setup to speaker engagement - you now gain a powerful event assistant that takes over various time-consuming tasks while you focus on what’s most important. Whether you're organizing a technical conference, a workshop, or a community meet-up, our new tools are here to enhance efficiency and ensure a smooth experience for both organizers and speakers.

New events tab on Advocu platform

What to expect?

  1. Call for papers (speakers): Easily set up calls for papers, opening up your event to a wealth of knowledge from within the Advocu community.
  2. Direct speaker invitations: Browse through a rich database of session drafts submitted by your community members. This allows you to directly invite members who have prepared content that aligns with your event’s theme.
  3. Efficient session review: Quickly review and manage submitted sessions through Advocu, streamlining the decision-making process.
  4. Seamless Bevy integration: Do you have a vast database of events managed through Bevy? With our integration, once you complete a simple setup, all your Bevy events will seamlessly sync and continuously update within Advocu. This ensures a unified view and management of all your events, making your event coordination smoother and more efficient.

Event details as seen by the organizer on Advocu

Benefits of Event Synchronization with Advocu

Enhanced communication

No more cumbersome email threads and document searches. With Advocu, you carry out all the communication within one centralized tool. This way, you can manage and interact with community members much easier. 

Easier access to speakers and the entire community

Finding and managing speakers is a time-consuming task, but the new Advocu’s feature cuts it from hours to minutes. With its session draft database submitted by community members, you can discover and invite the participants for your events in just a few clicks. Filters like language, location, and event type help you find the perfect match for your needs. On top of that, Advocu makes your event accessible to the entire community without having to spread the information manually.

Streamlined feedback

Feedback is precious for any tech event organizer, but often, there is no time and resources to gather it thoroughly - unless you have tools like Advocu. The new feature allows you to provide and receive feedback on submissions directly through the platform, eliminating the need for disjointed email exchanges. 

Legitimacy and security

As a closed platform, Advocu ensures that all participants are vetted and approved, legitimizing all communications. That prevents information leaks and keeps the community tight-knit while proving your legitimacy as an event organizer.

Comprehensive tracking

It’s hard to have all the information at hand when it is spread across different channels. Advocu gathers everything in one place, from accepted invites to the status of presentations, ensuring you stay on top of your event’s progress. Anytime you need to find information or update, you know exactly where to look.

How It Works: Step-by-Step Event Setup

Organizing events can sometimes feel like pure chaos, with so many aspects to control and variables you don’t have direct influence on. Advocu keeps it under control, breaking down the whole process into a few clear steps.

  1. Initiate event creation: Start by selecting the type of event you want to organize—be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
  2. Call for papers setup: Activate the call for papers feature and specify the details and criteria for submissions.
  3. Invite speakers: Utilize the session draft database to find and invite speakers. Apply filters to narrow down potential candidates who best fit your event’s theme and audience.
  4. Manage submissions: Review incoming session drafts and respond with invitations or feedback directly through the platform.
  5. Track progress: Keep an eye on all event aspects from speaker confirmations to session approvals, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  6. Automatic creation of contributions: Whether you are a speaker or an organizer once the  talk is completed, Advocu will automatically add this as an activity draft so you don’t have to waste time on doing it manually. 

Call for papers creation form

Hosting events just got a whole lot easier!

With these new features, Advocu continues to empower event organizers and community managers, making it easier than ever to host impactful and memorable events. We're committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed, and we can't wait to see how these new capabilities bring your community together.

Streamline event management with new Advocu’s features

Ready to start planning your next event with Advocu? Log in to your account to explore these features, or contact us for a demo session. Let’s make your next event a resounding success!

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