Explore our legal framework

Explore our extensive collection of legal agreements that are crafted with precision to ensure they are both user-friendly and fully compliant with current regulations. Whether you're a new user or an existing client, understanding these terms will help ensure a seamless and secure experience with Advocu.

Terms of Service

Understand the contractual relationship between you and Advocu by exploring our Terms of Service. These terms outline the rights and obligations of all parties and provide essential information on how our services should be used to ensure compliance and fairness.

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Privacy Policy

Dive into our Privacy Policy to understand how we safeguard your personal information. We are committed to protecting your data with robust privacy measures that comply with legal standards.

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Subprocessor Information

Learn about the carefully selected subprocessors we partner with to deliver exceptional service. These partners are vetted to ensure they meet our high standards for security and quality.

Company Information

Gain insights into Advocu by accessing our detailed company information. This section includes everything from contact details to our legal imprint.

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Cookie Policy

Understand how Advocu uses cookies to improve your experience on our platform. Our Cookie Policy explains the types of cookies we use, their purpose, and how they enhance your interactions with our services.

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Our commitment to security and privacy

At Advocu, ensuring the security and privacy of your data is our utmost priority. We continuously evolve our security strategies to protect your information and maintain the highest standards of data integrity. Our approach includes rigorous independent audits and adherence to advanced encryption standards both in transit and at rest.

GDPR Compliance

We implement top-tier data protection measures including regular penetration tests and strict adherence to GDPR guidelines. Our encryption protocols for data at rest and in transit are designed to safeguard your sensitive information against unauthorized access.

Security Policy Compatible with ISO 27001

Advocu is committed to achieving ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our adherence to the highest international standards for information security and quality management.

Google Cloud Platform Secure Servers

Advocu’s infrastructure, hosted on Google Cloud Platform, is built with security at its core. We ensure compliance with the strictest international standards including GDPR, providing a secure and resilient environment for your data.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

We engage with external partners and a regular penetration testing firm to independently audit our security architecture and controls. This continuous validation aligns with security best practices and provides assurance of our commitment to data safety.

Natively-Built Integrations

At Advocu, our integrations are meticulously designed to seamlessly sync with your digital ecosystem. By exclusively utilizing official APIs and adhering strictly to the terms of service of third-party providers, we ensure that our integrations uphold the highest standards of data integrity and privacy.

Fine-Grained Authentication and Authorization

Advocu supports sophisticated authentication mechanisms such as single sign-on and SAML through multiple identity providers including Okta and Google Accounts. Our role-based access control ensures that rights and permissions are precisely managed.

Right-to-Be-Forgotten API

Aligned with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation for EU residents (GDPR), we offer a programmatic solution to remove all personally identifiable information upon request, safeguarding user privacy rights effectively.

99% Uptime SLA

We guarantee 99% service uptime, backed by our service-level agreement and continuous monitoring. Our infrastructure is engineered for resilience, ensuring reliable access to our services at all times.

Trusted by privacy-conscious organizations

Any further security or compliance questions?

If you have any questions related to security or think that you have found a security vulnerability, please reach out to our security team at security@advocu.com or book a demo session with our team.

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