Community management just became easier

Advocu offers tech companies a completely different way to manage communities. Instead of assembling the process with spreadsheets, forms, and manual work, we provide an automated all-in-one solution.

Advocu Community Management flow

Say goodbye to shuffling spreadsheets!

Advocu prepares your team to scale up your impact and make sure your community grows the right way. Spend more time on strategically important things. No more solving your community problems with spreadsheets!

Old, complicated way to manage communities

Old way:
Process assembled in multiple tools

Multiple tools and ways across your Team to handle Community Operations. Spreadsheets, manual work and lot of post-its to remember about basic things.

A community management flywheel

Advocu way:
Community Management Software

All Community Operations in one platform and one source of data. Unified and automated process across the whole Team. More time to engage with community.

One platform, endless potential

Get ahead with an all-in-one community management platform that gives you everything you need to start tracking and measuring your program's impact from day one.

You've got it!

Manage community like a boss

From pre-built processes, through automation templates to insightful dashboards. Optimize your work, and always be in control. You’ve got this.

Building blocks of seamless experience

Leverage the flexible and customizable community flow builder and enjoy the power of ready-made patterns and templates.

A bird's eye view of the community

With a unified view of your members and their contributions, Advocu becomes your community source of truth.

One place for all your needs

No more switching between tools and platforms. Spend more time with the community and less time on manual work.

Loved by DevRel teams of tech giants and booming startups

It’s 8-10 times faster and more efficient than our previous process. Our users are happy!

DevRel Program Manager
Google Developer Experts

Advocu significantly improved the onboarding processes and ensured that around 10 times more applications could be processed weekly.

DevRel Program Manager
Google Developer Experts

Advocu not only serves us as a repository, but also allows developers to connect.

DevRel Program Manager
Google Developer Experts

Advocu does it all

From 10 members to 10 thousand. From a small advocacy program in a tech startup to a global tech community in an enterprise tech giant. And everything in between.

Ready to see Advocu in action?

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