Connect and Automate with Ease

Harness the power of your developer community with key integrations

Advocu’s integration suite transforms how you connect, track, and engage with your program. By connecting directly with popular developer platforms and channels Advocu offers a seamless way to enhance your program's effectiveness.

Advocu Community Management flow

Efordless content tracking

Monitor your advocates' program contributions to GitHub, YouTube and StackOverflow

Robust API for custom connections

Utilize our API to create custom integrations, ensuring that your program aligns perfectly with your tech stack and workflows.

Holistic overview

Compile all ambassador activities and contributions in one place for strategic program analysis.

Github integration

Track open source coding contributions with precision

Easily search through Advocate profiles and get a single view of their contributions and impact.

Manage, track, onboard and off-board all Advocates in one platform and finally remove all those spreadsheets from your life.

Youtube integration

Monitor impact through video engagement

Automate the capture of engagement metrics by linking your advocates' YouTube content directly to Advocu.

Gain insights into video performance with view counts, likes, and more for content submitted by ambassadors.

Elevate your program's reach by leveraging visual content analytics to inform strategic decisions.


Keep tabs on your ambassadors’ contributions on StackOverflow

Connect and quantify StackOverflow activity to value each ambassador's problem-solving contributions.

Encourage knowledge sharing by tracking questions, answers, and reputation scores of your community members.

Bevy integration

Optimize event management and speaker engagement

Easily track and report on event organizing and public speaking activities.

Manage call for papers efficiently, allowing ambassadors to propose topics directly within the platform.

Enhance your events with strategic insights and seamless integration to elevate community engagement.


Simplify the management of your program with centralized data

Experience a unified view of all ambassador activities across platforms within Advocu's comprehensive reports.

Leverage aggregated data to uncover actionable insights and drive program improvement.

Make informed decisions with a holistic understanding of your community's footprint.


Build integrations that reflect the unique needs of your program

Whether you’re looking to integrate with CRM systems, communication platforms, or custom tools, Advocu APIs provide the flexibility you need.

Customize the flow of information and build a program that aligns with your strategic objectives.

Enable dynamic interactions by connecting Advocu's capabilities with your existing tech stack.

Link your community's favorite platforms to Advocu

Discover how you can create a more connected, engaged, and impactful developer community with Advocu integrations.