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Advocu podcast is dedicated to exploring the nuances of Developer Relations, brought to you by Jarek Jarzębowski and the experts behind the scenes.

Join us for insightful conversations with industry leaders from prominent tech companies like Google, PayPal, and more. Each episode delves into the strategies, experiences, and wisdom that shape successful DevRel programs.

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DevRel Leader essential skills with Tessa Kriesel

Episode S02E05
May 7, 2024
64 minutes

With Tessa Kriesel we explored how DevRel, often misunderstood, is an essential bridge between the tech community and organizational goals, influencing revenue, product adoption, and innovation. Tessa also highlighted the significant skills required for DevRel professionals and leaders, including technical knowledge, empathy, and business acumen.

The State of DevRel with Caroline Lewko

Episode S02E04
April 24, 2024
39 minutes

We discuss the evolution, challenges, and future prospects of Developer Relations. Caroline, with her extensive background, offers a nuanced view of how DevRel has grown from its early days into a critical component of technology companies today.

Learning, Teaching and Sharing as Developer Advocate

Episode 203
March 29, 2024
38 minutes

Listen to conversation with Santosh Yadav Google Developer Expert, Github Star, OSS Advocate and Nx Champion with a million view online course under his belt. We talk about learning and teaching as a Developer Advocate and motivations behind it..

From Computer Science to Camera Lights - Using Video for DevDel with Kevin Blanco

Episode 2.02
March 19, 2024
54 minutes

We talk with Kevin Blanco, a passionate advocate for combining technical knowledge with creative video production to enhance community engagement and education. Kevin shared his journey from an engineer to becoming a DevRel advocate, emphasizing the significant role of video production in his career. He provided a deep dive into the process of creating engaging and educational content, highlighting the importance of storytelling, the Hero's Journey, and effective communication techniques to connect with the audience.

A new beginning for Auth0 Ambassasdor Program with Kristy Dahlquist

Episode 2.01
March 1, 2024
40 minutes

Find out more about the new beginning and soon to be re-launched Auth0 Ambassador Program from Kristy Dahlquist ex. Auth0 Senior Marketing Manager. Reach out to Kristy at

From parties with Eminem and Jay-Z to DevRel with Karin Wolok

Episode 08
August 9, 2023
39 minutes

Do you run an Ambassador/Champions Program? Or maybe do you plan to start one? Karin has tips for any stage you might be in. She is also sharing her background in music industry and how it relates to DevRel.

Growing GDE from 200 to 1000 members

Episode 07
July 12, 2023
40 minutes

In this episode I talk with Dawid Ostrowski Head of Google Developer Experts Program about his story, growing GDE community from 200 to over 1000 members, challenges and struggles they had to overcome during the journey and his view on the future of DevRel, AI and no-code.

DevRel is about Value with Stacey Kruczek

Episode 06
July 6, 2023
36 minutes

Stacey Kruczek is an experienced and well known DevRel professional. In this episode she is sharing her point of view on DevRel, it's role and place in modern tech companies. Listen and make notes because she is sharing a lot of valuable insights.

From Champion to Developer Advocate with Aditya Oberai from Appwrite

Episode 05
June 26, 2023
39 minutes

Aditya has started as an engaged Developer Ambassador in multiple student programs, but now he is full time Developer Advocate in Appwrite. Find out his unique perspective and learn from Aditya in this Advocu conversation.

Snyk Ambassador Program with Gerald Crescione

Episode 04
June 22, 2023
41 minutes

Meet Gerald Crescione responsible for Ambassador Program at Snyk and learn from his experience. Find out the benefits from having such program and ideas about how to grow it.

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