grow advocates database

Discover and onboard future advocates of your program effortlessly

With Advocu’s streamlined, automated application & onboarding process, you and your Team can review and onboard more advocates in less time.

Advocu Community Management flow

Custom Application Forms

Collect potential advocates’ data and profiles.

Automated screening process

Review the applications with your community team.

Onboarding workflows

Provide great onboarding experience for new advocates.

Custom workflows

Customize onboarding workflow to match what your team does in real world

Build your own screening and onboarding workflows, based on ready-made automated blocks.

Create unique, globally consistent communication, automation rules and feedbacks, so your team can focus on growing your program, not sending another email.

Program Applications

Everything you need to know about a future advocate in one location

Collect data with custom forms, then easily search for applicant profiles to surface their whole experience, including technical background, other Program Manager’s feedback or social media presence. 

Team collaboration

Get things done without the back and forth emails

No more copying your team in feedback emails. Make your communication fast, easy and consistent, ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.

Share comments, schedule interviews and browse feedback in one place.

Swap spreadsheets for software today

Life is so much easier when you have all your community and members’ data in one place.