Measure and scale advocacy efforts

Prove the value of your Developer Advocacy program and scale globally

With Advocu, the pulse of your program is in your hands. Identify your top contributors, trends, popular topics, and more.

Advocu Community Management flow

One place to measure it

All your Program metrics and efforts combined in one tool.

Scale globally

Use segmentation options to instantly create regional reports for selected period of time.

Measure what's important

Create custom metrics and reports to track what's important for your business and goals.

Advocacy reports

Measure and amplify advocacy impact with custom metrics

Define and track metrics that are actually important for your business. Views? Event registrations? Attendees? You decide!


Prove the value of your program without manual work

Get a single view of Advocates activities and use powerful segmentation options, to understand which contributions drive the most impact.

Top contributors

Identify champions in your program

Identify advocacy leaders and see which content resonates with their networks.

Build better Developer Ambassador program with Advocu