Get out of spreadsheet land and focus on what’s truly important

Create and implement an automated, consistent process for managing your Developer Advocacy program, whether you have 10 or 10,000 Advocates on board.

Advocu Community Management flow

Personalized Advocate profiles

Collect basic information about your members, like BIO or tech experience to enrich their profiles and let them express themselves.

One tool to do it all

Remove the need and cost of countless individual tools and plugins. Take repetitive work off your Team's plate.

Single source of truth

Make the best use of Advocu's unified data structure and collect all member information in one place.

Advocate profiles

Get a complete picture of your program

Easily search through Advocate profiles and get a single view of their contributions and impact.

Manage, track, onboard and off-board all Advocates in one platform and finally remove all those spreadsheets from your life.


Automation rules

Create a globally consistent process

Automate processes such as onboarding and off-boarding – take repetitive work off your team’s plate and create a repetitive workflow.

Manage advocates across multiple countries and languages and deliver globally consistent experiences.

Source of truth

Stop making another spreadsheet copies

Collect all information about your Advocates and their activities in unified format and one source of truth.

Get unlimited control of your data and take advantage of Advocu’s API integration, to export it anytime.

Help your DevRel Team do more today