Experience a fresh way to grow your professional community
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  • Advocu is a tailor-made solution to streamline your community growth and advocacy processes.
  • Built for those who want more control and flexibility.
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Built to cater to your unique needs

Start with Advocu's powerful out-of-the-box functionalities. Fit them seamlessly into your community.

community management at scale

Onboarding & Management

  • Recruit new members and manage your community at scale.
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brand advocacy management

Brand Advocacy

  • Activate your brand ambassadors and measure the results.
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Make it easy to become a member of your community

Your way

Easily scale and organize your onboarding process

Provide a smooth onboarding experience for new members, leave your spreadsheets behind. Use ready-made features and quickly set up a customized version of the flow. Add your own steps, forms and questions, set your own rules, and copy. Adjust them anytime.

  • Add own questions and steps to Application Form for new members
  • Send automated email communication and notifications
  • Keep your community public or invitation only

Manage your entire community from one place

Simplify work and get more done. Track the progress of your community applications, collaborate with fellow managers, and automate the process. Everything in one place, no more Excel-shuffling!

  • Accelerate the management process with easy-to-use dashboard
  • Share your comments with custom feedback forms for applications

Boost engagement and create long-term brand advocates

Your way

Turn community members into brand advocates

Everything you need to drive engagement in one place. Give your members the voice and let them share the professional activities they made. Track the impact thanks to advanced reports and leader's boards.

  • Add custom properties and types for Activities Reporting
  • Browse through Dynamic Activities Stream
  • Track engagement with Leader boards and custom reports

Give your community a place to connect and share

Bring your professional community together, and create long-term relations. Let your members express themselves and learn about one another with customized profiles and personal feeds.

  • Search through Members Directory with advanced explore options
  • See individual user profiles and adjust the data there
  • Browse through Personal Activities Streams and reports
Advocu Mentoring Software scheduling mentoring sessions

mentoring module

Make your community stand out with mentorship

Run mentorship programs at scale without hassle. Invite and match the skills of hundreds of participants. See real progress towards Mentee's goals with our feedback tool. From registration, through single mentoring sessions, to reports - Advocu covers everything.

  • Organize Mentors and Mentees in public or private Mentoring Events
  • Add and book Mentoring Sessions in user-friendly calendar
  • Track progress with Advanced Feedback and reports features
  • Send custom communications with automated email notifications
  • Use Google Calendar & Meet integration to conduct sessions

Not every community is the same...

That's why we help you build tailor-made solutions. Adjust how your platform works and feels.

Private or Public?
Make your community public or invitation-only.
Adjust the Feeling
Create unique copy and email communications.
Personalized Onboarding
Set your own questions and steps. No limits.
Custom Brand Activities
Create custom types of brand activities and questions.
Your Own Rules
Defines roles and access types for users.
Flexible Integrations
Build integrations with public APIs to collect or send data.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Book a free demo session with our Product Manager, and find out together how Advocu can help your community thrive.
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