Provide great member experience from day one

With Advocu’s streamlined, automated application & onboarding process, you and your Community Team can review and onboard more members in less time.

Advocu Community Management flow
"Advocu significantly improved the onboarding processes and ensured that around 10 times more applications could be processed weekly."

DevRel Program Manager

Google Developer Experts

You can do it all within Advocu:

Collect potential members’ data and profiles

Review the applications with your community team

Onboard new community members

Application Form

Make it easy to join your community

Create your custom version of an Application form and collect data about potential members experience and skills in one place. Advocu will serve you as a single source of information and automate the process to provide the best experience for members.

Potential members:

Click on the Advocu-generated Community Invitation link on your website and fill in a custom application form.


Automatically sends them a custom thank-you email and notify you about new application to process.

You and your Team:

Process the application with no additional hassle.

Finally, a structuralized community onboarding process

Advocu is built to replace multiple forms, spreadsheets, manually sent emails, and many more outdated solutions.

Apllications Dashboard

All-in-one community management dashboard

You'll know exactly where things are at a glance.

One clean, actionable view to see all the applications submitted by your would-be community members. From here, it’s one click to:

Segment and filter applications by region or status

See pending and overdue actions

Preview Application data

Schedule an interview

Discuss applications with your team members

Reject applications or start the onboarding process

Part of Advocu interface: Edit program onboarding flow, Average application process time chart
Onboarding process

Create your own process based on ready-made blocks

Use powerful, ready-made templates with a pinch of tailoring to build the process that exactly matches your needs.

Advocu supports 4-step types, but you can create thousands of combinations with the customization options.

Simple feedback

Simple and intuitive, yet packed with options. You can automate processes like application form review, social media presence review, eligibility check, background check, trial event, and many more to create a smooth feedback system.

Automated interview with feedback

An application was just moved to the next step of onboarding? Send an automated self-schedule email invitation and share feedback after the meeting. No more hassle with manual scheduling of Interviews.

Legals Sign-off

No more reminding everyone to sign the documents. Upload all the legal staff to Advocu and sit back, watching it send automated reminders and slip documents under the applicants’ noses.


Set new community members off on the path to success automatically. Advocu will immediately create pre-filled profiles for new members and send them your welcome email.

Improve the member experience with automation

Are you forgetting to send emails or losing meeting invitations in your inbox?

Advocu can help you improve the member experience and boost your community. Create the process transparent to all the would-be members, and ensure they receive a notification of each step and required action

Swap spreadsheets for software today

Life is so much easier when you have all your community and members’ data in one place.

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