Community Management Software

Power up your community with Advocu

Advocu helps communities grow by streamlining management and advocacy processes. It’s easy to use and quickly adapts to all your needs, so you can spend more time engaging with your community and less time on boring management tasks.

Advocu Community Management flow

Make your community team’s efforts more efficient

Advocu helps your team focus on what matters most: growing the community, having a meaningful impact, and measuring the value of your programs. Spend more time on strategically important things and say goodbye to shuffling spreadsheets!







Here’s why Community Managers love Advocu:

Grow & Onboard

Boost your community growth with powerful and customizable onboarding tools

8-10 times faster
application and new members onboarding. Proven by our Customers.

Custom Application Form

Collect community applications and future members’ data without a hassle. Create your own application form to gain insight into the experiences, backgrounds, social links, or personal information of your candidates.

Automated application process

Centralize, and automate your community application process with Advocu. Create your own flow based on the ready-made steps. Automate tasks such as scheduling interviews or signing NDAs to take repetitive work off your team’s plate.

Personalized onboarding

Deliver a top-notch experience for new members with automated onboarding messages. Attach resources, provide onboarding guides, and make sure your members are active from day one.

Shared feedback & conversations

Keep everyone up to date on future members moving through your process. Compare feedback, create notes and discuss the applications with your Team, right inside Advocu.


Manage your community, at scale

Organize your members and Community Team in one central location.

Members Directory

Get a complete picture of your community, and empower members to interact, network and collaborate.

Members profiles

Get a 360-degree view of every member and their activity.

Members segmentation

Empower global and regional Community Teams to organize members in the way they want.

User management

Control the access to your community data with adequate persmissions level.

Members off-boarding

Sometimes it's time to say goodbye.... Easily manage inactive members and provide a bye-bye message.

Community source of truth

Make the best use of Advocu's unified data structure and collect all member information in one place.


Foster community engagement and interactions

Get a complete understanding of your members and their contribution. Enable them to network, engage, collaborate and inspire each other.

Community activities

Define and track community activities that drive your business goals.

Contribution reporting

Give the voice to your members and let them share their contributions.

Activity Stream

Make sure you never miss anything with a feed of all community activities, updated in real-time.


Track the impact and identify champions with advanced contribution reports and leaderboards.

Part of Advocu interface: Top contributors table, Total outreach chart, Active members chart
Measure & Scale

Measure business impact and prove community ROI

Gain valuable insights as you manage and monitor your community applications in real-time. Use filters to rapidly segment reports by region, category or date.

Measure the impact and outreach of your community with metrics that are actually important for your business.

Help your Community Team do more today

Life is so much easier when you have all your community and members’ data in one place.

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