Sara Waszyńska
8 min read
February 28, 2023

10 ideas for meaningful benefits and perks for Developer Ambassador program

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Building a successful developer ambassador program is crucial for tech companies looking to reach new heights. But how do you make sure your recognition and rewards in your program stands out from the rest and truly resonates with your developer ambassadors?

In this article, we dive into the importance of recognition and rewards in developer community programs, and how they can be leveraged to foster a sense of community, deepen bonds. From saying thank you to offering exclusive learning opportunities, we'll explore the various ways in which you can show your appreciation and keep your developer ambassadors feeling valued, motivated, and excited about the future of your program.

So, buckle up and get ready to learn how to supercharge your developer community benefits with the power of recognition and rewards! As a sneak-peak, I can share that swag and t-shirts is not mentioned in this article...

What are the benefits of joining a developer community?

"What are the benefits of joining a developer community?" - this is the question every developer community manager asks themselves when starting one. Why people are joining our community or ambassador program? Why do they choose to engage, actively participate, share their knowledge, and build connections with others in the community? Why do they care?

Usually, it's because they are truly passionate about your product or technology, believe in your company's values, and see joining the community as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

And that is the key to unlocking the full potential of your developer community.

By understanding what drives and motivates these talented individuals, you can create benefits and perks that truly matter to them. So, let's leave the old-school t-shirts and socks behind and think outside the box. It's time to create meaningful rewards that truly resonate with your developer community and ambassadors!

Perks and benefits for Cypress Ambassadors
Perks and benefits for Cypress Ambassadors

The power of recognition in developer community

Idea #1: Say 'thank you'

Sometimes, the simplest things can make the biggest impact. Saying "thank you" to your developer ambassadors for all their hard work is not just good manners, it's a game-changer. By acknowledging their contributions and showering them with gratitude, you'll make them feel like superstars.

This, in turn, will foster a warm and fuzzy sense of community and boost overall morale. And let's not forget, a little recognition can go a long way in building up their personal brand and making them feel like they're at the top of their game.

Idea #2: Showcase their work and be proud of them

Why keep your developer ambassadors' amazing work a secret? Share the love and showcase it to the world! By sharing their achievements, projects, and contributions to social media, company blogs, or other public forums, you're not just recognizing their hard work, you're giving them the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Example post from GDE on LinkedIn
Example post from Google Developer Expert's LinkedIn

And let's not forget, highlighting their work will not only make them feel like rock stars, but it will also create a sense of pride and belonging among the ambassadors, which is sure to drive even more engagement and participation in the community.

Example of rewards and benefits for being Auth0 Ambassador
Example of rewards and benefits for being Auth0 Ambassador

Direct access to the exclusive knowledge

Idea #3: Early access to new features and releases

Who doesn't love a sneak peek? Give your developer ambassadors the royal treatment by giving them early access to new features and releases. Not only will they feel like they have the inside scoop, but they'll also be able to provide valuable feedback and insight that can help shape the future of your product.

Additionally, sharing new features and releases with your Developer Ambassador program Members a moment earlier, gives them opportunity to prepare their contributions like blog posts or videos about it and to promote it once the new features are live.

And let's not forget, early access is a reward that keeps on giving – it will keep your ambassadors coming back for more and keep them feeling valued.

Idea #4: 'Ask me anything' sessions with your Developer Advocate

Turn your Developer Advocates into superstars and give your developer ambassadors the opportunity to pick their brain during 'Ask me anything' sessions.

This is a unique chance for members to ask questions, get clarification, and learn from the best. Not only will this help them deepen their understanding of your product and technology, but it will also help build stronger relationships between your internal developers and your developer community.

Idea #5: Access to roadmap and your product team

Transparency is key! Give your developer ambassadors a glimpse behind the curtain by providing them with access to your roadmap and product team. This not only shows that you value their input and feedback, but it also keeps them in the loop and up-to-date on what's coming next.

And let's not forget, by giving your members a say in the direction of your product, they'll feel like they have a stake in its success, which is sure to drive even more engagement and participation in the community.

Learning and growth opportunities

Idea #6: Exclusive webinars, AMAs or events with your team to learn

Take your reward game to the next level by offering exclusive webinars, AMAs, workshops or hosting events with your team. This gives your ambassadors the chance to learn from the best and get up close and personal with your team.

Not only does this help foster a sense of community and connection, but it also provides a unique opportunity for ambassadors to deepen their understanding of your product and technology.

Organizing events to share the knowledge is a part of Google Developer programs.
Organizing events to share the knowledge is a part of Google Developer programs.

Idea #7: Mentoring event in your community

Nothing beats one-on-one time with a mentor. Give your developer ambassadors the opportunity to connect and grow with your community through a mentoring event. This not only helps ambassadors learn from experienced professionals, but it also helps build connections and fosters a sense of community within the group.

And let's not forget, a mentor can provide guidance, support, and inspiration – all things that are sure to keep your ambassadors feeling motivated and engaged.

You actually do not need to invest a ton of money or resources into that! Organize events where your developer community members can sign up for a one-on-one session with other developers with similar expertise, exchange knowledge and learn new skills. It's enough to start building a mentoring program in your tech community.

Resources and support to help them growth

Idea #8: Credits or free access to your product

Give your developer ambassadors a little token of appreciation with free access or credits to your product and tools. This way, they can get a first-hand taste of what they're advocating for, and it will make them even better at telling your product's story.

This will not only let them learn, experiment and play with your product, but also help them with doing the demos and technical content about it. And maybe this is a way to support their open-source projects?

By joining Google Cloud program you can earn credits to test and use their tools
By joining Google Cloud program you can earn credits to test and use their tools

Idea #9: Reimburse travel expenses for conference talks

If your developer ambassadors are presenting at conferences or events, consider reimbursing their travel expenses. Not only will this show your appreciation for their hard work, but it will also help them get the recognition they deserve.

Usually companies put in place a process related to travel reimbursement, booking flights and hotels. Think about creating a guide and requirements for that!

Idea #10: Invite a public speaking coach

Public speaking can be intimidating, but with the right guidance, it can be a total blast! If your developer ambassadors are looking to up their public speaking game, consider inviting a coach to help them sharpen their skills. This type of training will give them the confidence they need to become even better ambassadors for your product.

You can do the same with a professional technical writer, video editor... these skills are usually needed to contribute with blog posts, educational content, videos, talks. Why not to help them in developing these skills?


In closing, let's put it this way: your developer community ambassadors are the rock stars of your developer community, and they deserve to be treated as such. Standard t-shirts and socks just don't cut it anymore – it's time to think outside the box and come up with some truly meaningful rewards and benefits.

From the power of recognition to exclusive opportunities for learning and growth, there are so many ways to show your appreciation and keep your developer ambassadors feeling appreciated, motivated, and engaged. Don't settle for mediocrity – go above and beyond to create a developer community that shines, and watch your product and company thrive.

So let's raise the bar, and make every moment count for your developer ambassadors!

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