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October 19, 2023

How to Become a Technology Evangelist: A Comprehensive Guide

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Do you have a passion for technology and a drive to share your knowledge with others? Becoming a technology evangelist might be the perfect career path for you. Imagine yourself at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, influencing industry trends, and helping businesses adopt new solutions that propel them into the future.

In this comprehensive guide on how to become a technology evangelist, we will explore the role of a technology evangelist, why tech companies hire them, and the essential skills needed for success. We will also discuss building a strong foundation, networking and conferences, content creation, demonstrations and testimonials, continuous learning, and nurturing client relationships. Finally, we’ll share tips on how to land a technology evangelist position and establish yourself as a thought leader in the tech space.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology Evangelists are passionate advocates for products, services, or technologies. Their main role is to educate about and promote their chosen tech, bridging the gap between developers and companies.
  • Companies hire two main types of evangelists: The promotional “Movie Star” type and the more hands-on “Paid-to-Represent Practitioners.” The goal is enhanced visibility and business growth.
  • Companies are embracing community-driven advocacy. Programs like Google Developer Experts or Docker Captains allow tech enthusiasts to advocate for products or technologies without being on the payroll, building a genuine community of supporters.
  • Essential skills for success include strong communication, innovative thinking, public speaking, and mentoring.
  • To land a Technology Evangelist position, one should showcase technical proficiency & develop a personal brand through problem-solving & excellent communication/presentation skills.
  • If you're passionate about technology and wish to influence its trajectory, consider becoming a technology evangelist. Your unique voice and insights are needed in the tech world!

The Role of a Technology Evangelist

At its core, a technology evangelist is a passionate advocate for a product, service, or technology, responsible for raising awareness, building communities, and establishing it as an industry standard. Contrary to salespeople who mainly act in their own self-interest, technology evangelists educate market players about the advantages of a technology, while promoting their own version of it.

The evangelism cycle consists of seven fundamental stages:

  1. Understanding the product or service
  2. Collaborating with engineering and developers
  3. Forming a devoted following
  4. Creating compelling content and messaging
  5. Building relationships with influencers and industry experts
  6. Organizing events and speaking engagements
  7. Measuring and analyzing the impact of evangelism efforts

By following these stages, technology evangelists can effectively spread the word about their product or technology and drive its adoption in the market.

In the high-tech industry, credibility and goodwill are of significant importance. Software developers and IT professionals are skilled at researching and verifying products independently. They often take pride in challenging marketing messages and keeping sales in check. As a technology evangelist, your role is to bridge the gap between developers and the company, enhance visibility, and increase business by promoting products, services, or a particular technology.

Why Would a Tech Company Hire a Tech Evangelist Anyway?

Tech evangelists are hired by tech companies to fulfill diverse needs, from linking developers with the company to boosting visibility, and stimulating business growth through the promotion of products, services, or a specific technology. There are two main types of tech evangelists: “Movie Star” tech evangelists, who are more focused on promotion than technical proficiency, and “Paid-to-Represent Practitioners,” who are engaged part-time by an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to represent them.

While “Movie Star” tech evangelists excel at product marketing tasks, active social media presence, and occasional speaking, their lack of hands-on experience can become apparent over time and lead to potential issues. On the other hand, “Paid-to-Represent Practitioners” are the most genuine and reliable, but they may not be the best at conveying messages.

In essence, the hiring of chief evangelists by tech companies aims at enhancing visibility and opening new business avenues through product and service promotion.

Essential Skills for Success

The recipe for success as a technology evangelist includes possessing the following key skills:

  • Robust communication skills
  • An innovative mind
  • Aptitude for public speaking
  • Propensity for mentoring and knowledge sharing

These skills not only help evangelists establish credible thought leadership in their field, but also enable them to effectively engage with audiences and convey the value of their technology.

In the following subsections, we will delve deeper into each of these essential skills and discuss how they contribute to the success of a technology evangelist.

Communication Skills

For the explanation of complex concepts, professional networking, and product or technology advocacy, communication skills prove to be indispensable. A technology evangelist should be able to speak the same language as their target audience to convey their message effectively. Internally, evangelists assist marketing teams in accurately conveying technical messages without overburdening engineering teams.

To enhance communication skills, develop technical content writing, and present at local meetups. Creating technical content is essential for technology evangelists, as it enables them to articulate intricate ideas in a way that is comprehensible and can be disseminated to others. As you gain confidence, take on more challenging assignments in front of larger audiences.

Creativity and Innovation

The development of unique audience engagement strategies and the implementation of effective social media campaigns hinge on creativity developing ideas and innovation. As a technology evangelist, you must think outside the box to find novel ways to connect with and captivate your target audience on various social media platforms, utilizing a well-crafted social media strategy.

In addition to crafting creative approaches to audience engagement, innovation is crucial in executing efficient social media campaigns and maintaining an authentic online presence. Your ability to harness creativity and innovation will not only help you effectively reach your audience but also establish yourself as a thought leader in the tech space.

Public Speaking and Presentation

The delivery of engaging and informative talks, customization of messages for different audiences, and credibility building all rely heavily on public speaking and presentation skills. As a technology evangelist, your goal is to increase recognition and trustworthiness while gaining a large user base.

Utilizing public speaking techniques can help raise awareness, establish credibility, and achieve critical mass users. To improve your public speaking abilities, consult resources such as the article “Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills” on Practice makes perfect, so seize every opportunity to hone your public speaking and presentation skills.

Mentoring and Knowledge Sharing

Evangelists leverage their mentoring and knowledge sharing abilities to educate others, cultivate relationships, and amass a loyal following. These skills enable a technology evangelist to effectively mentor and disseminate knowledge to others, thus facilitating the adoption and successful implementation of new technologies.

As a technology evangelist, your ability to mentor and share knowledge with others plays a crucial role in creating a network of dedicated followers. This network can be instrumental in driving the adoption of new technologies and propelling your career as a technology evangelist.

Building a Strong Foundation

A strong foundation is built on acquiring relevant tech experience, emerging as a thought leader, and nurturing a profound understanding of the industry. Proficiency in software development and comprehensive technical knowledge are essential for a technology evangelist. Investigate niches such as Kubernetes and data warehouses to gain experience in specific technologies.

Thought leadership is the capacity to present reliable perspectives and viewpoints regarding the worth of a technology. Establishing a thought leadership profile can be achieved by blogging, participating in speaking engagements, and networking. Acquiring a comprehensive comprehension of the industry is essential for technology evangelists to provide credible thought leadership and create a solid foundation.

Networking and Conferences

Evangelists can form connections with key industry players, perfect their pitch, and broaden their reach by attending networking events and conferences. Networking is essential in building relationships and increasing the likelihood of gaining supporters for your technology evangelism efforts.

When attending networking events and conferences, make the most of these opportunities by:

  • Avoiding common pitfalls, such as immediately launching into presentations with each person encountered
  • Taking the time to listen and engage with others
  • Anticipating challenging questions
  • Refining your presentation to effectively influence and motivate your audience.

Content Creation and Social Media Presence

Through content creation, including blogs and social media posts, evangelists can keep pace with industry trends, express their ideas, and position themselves as thought leaders. A technology evangelist’s blog can encompass thoughts, observations, analysis, critique, and reviews of various technologies, products, or services.

Maintaining a social media presence allows evangelists to:

  • Connect with their audience
  • Foster a sense of community
  • Share authentic content
  • Engage with followers
  • Establish credibility, trust, and a loyal following in the tech space.

Demonstrations and Testimonials

The functionality and value of a product are highlighted through demonstrations and testimonials, offering social proof and credibility to prospective users. Demonstrations enable prospective users to form their own opinions of the product and validate its positive features.

Utilizing testimonials can aid in establishing credibility for a product and provide social validation to prospective users. By gathering and disseminating positive customer feedback through testimonials, case studies, and reviews, evangelists can effectively illustrate the capacity and worth of a product, offering social validation and reliability to prospective users.

Continuous Learning and Research

Staying abreast of emerging technologies, trends, and best practices in technology evangelism necessitates continuous learning and research. By dedicating time to ongoing education, evangelists can ensure competence and confidence in their field, as well as provide persuasive communication and thought leadership.

Continuous learning and research advantages include career growth, networking, and collaboration. By staying abreast of the latest developments in technology and the industry as a whole, evangelists can maintain their expertise and adapt to changes in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Nurturing Client Relationships

Fostering client relationships entails motivating clients to publicize their success stories, offering social proof, and constructing a community of staunch advocates. Evangelists can facilitate clients in sharing their stories by equipping them with the necessary tools and resources, including a platform to share their stories, and aiding them in disseminating their stories to a broader audience.

Providing social proof entails:

  • Gathering and disseminating positive feedback from customers, including testimonials, case studies, and reviews
  • Engaging with clients regularly
  • Supplying them with useful resources
  • Providing chances for them to interact with one another

By doing these things, evangelists can build a community of loyal advocates who drive the adoption of new technologies.

Tips for Landing a Technology Evangelist Position

If you’re aiming to secure a position as a technology evangelist, highlight your technical skills by honing your proficiency in one or two specific technologies. Develop a strong personal brand by being genuine and demonstrating a genuine interest in aiding others in achieving success, rather than simply attempting to market a product to them.

Demonstrate a successful track record of evangelism efforts by:

  • Investing time outside of regular working hours to collaborate with partners and interact with the community
  • Concentrating on resolving issues rather than advertising products
  • Honing strong communication and presentation abilities to effectively influence and motivate others.

Developer Champions Programs: A New Age of Tech Evangelism

In the realm of technology evangelism, there has been a recent surge in the development and utilization of Developer Champions Programs. These initiatives, championed by leading tech companies, are designed to leverage the passion and expertise of tech enthusiasts – aptly termed “Developer Champions” – to advocate for specific products or technologies.

Unlike traditional technology evangelists, who might be full-time hires or paid representatives of a company, Developer Champions are typically not on the payroll. Instead, they’re part of an exclusive community that's incentivized in various ways, ranging from access to beta features, recognition within the tech community, opportunities to speak at events, or even exclusive swag.

Why Developer Champions Programs?

The idea is simple: Developers trust their peers. When someone from within the community, someone who isn't seen as having a direct financial incentive, vouches for a technology or product, it carries significant weight. Developer Champions Programs tap into this peer-driven influence, providing a platform for authentic advocacy that resonates deeply within the developer community.

Case Studies of Developer Champions Programs: Google Developer Experts & Docker Captains

Google Developer Experts (GDEs)

This initiative by Google identifies and supports outstanding developers, designers, and technology experts who influence and mentor others with their specialized knowledge in one or more Google technologies. GDEs are not Google employees, but they do collaborate with Google teams to give product feedback, write code samples, produce online content, and even speak at events. In return, they receive recognition in the industry, early access to Google products/features, and exclusive invitations to select Google events.

GDE Program

Docker Captains

Docker Captains are select members of the community recognized by Docker for their passion and expertise. These aren't Docker employees but are rather experts who share their Docker knowledge with the community, whether that's through blog posts, workshops, or public speaking engagements. Docker Captains get direct access to Docker product teams, exclusive invites to DockerCon, and special swag, among other perks.

Docker Captains

The Win-Win of Developer Champions Programs

For tech companies, Developer Champions Programs offer a way to authentically promote their products without the need for traditional marketing tactics that may be met with skepticism. They also foster a closer connection to the developer community, allowing companies to receive real-time feedback and insights.

For the Developer Champions, these programs provide a platform to share their expertise, network with industry experts, and receive unique perks. It's a win-win scenario where passionate tech experts get the resources and recognition they deserve, while companies get genuine advocacy from trusted community figures.

Advocu's Role in Powering Developer Champions Programs

In an age where community-driven advocacy has become paramount, platforms like Advocu have emerged as vital tools for tech companies looking to run successful Developer Champions Programs and nurture lasting relationships with technology evangelists. Advocu streamlines the management of Developer Champions Programs, enabling companies to engage with their champions seamlessly.

Developer champion program member profile, activity stream and statistics on engagement

Equipped with an analytics suite, organizations can gauge the impact of their advocacy efforts, identifying top champions and refining strategies based on insights. By emphasizing personalized communications, hubs with resources, and multiple features that support automated activities tracking, Advocu fosters a sense of community, nurturing relationships and amplifying champion commitment and enthusiasm.

Developer champion program reports on Advocu

Embracing the Future of Tech Advocacy

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the role of a technology evangelist remains crucial. From traditional evangelism roles to the emergence of Developer Champions Programs, the core essence remains: passion, expertise, and the drive to share knowledge.

As technologies continue to burgeon and intertwine in unprecedented ways, the need for clear, authentic, and passionate voices to guide, inform, and inspire becomes all the more critical. Whether you're a budding technology enthusiast or an established expert, there's a place for you in this dynamic landscape. Companies, now more than ever, recognize the power of community-driven advocacy, and the opportunities for genuine tech influencers are abundant.

To those aspiring to tread the path of technology evangelism: Remember that your journey is not just about promoting a product or a technology. It's about shaping the future, fostering communities, and making lasting impacts. As you champion technologies and carve out your niche, know that you are also contributing to a broader tapestry of innovation and progress.

In the words of Steve Jobs, "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." So, let your passion shine, your voice echo, and your influence ripple outwards. The tech world awaits your unique contribution.

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