Dorota Owczarek
5 minutes
April 29, 2024

Orbit Alternatives for Running Champions Programs and Online Communities of Brand Advocates

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As Orbit integrates into Postman, many companies utilizing its platform to run champions programs and build vibrant online communities are seeking reliable Orbit alternatives. This transition presents a unique opportunity to explore platforms that offer robust features for community engagement and management.

The Impending Closure of Orbit and Its Impact

Orbit's announcement to join forces with Postman marks a significant shift in how companies will manage community engagement and developer relations. With Orbit winding down its current operations by July 11, 2024, organizations need to find an alternative solution that not only matches but also enhances the functionality provided by Orbit.

Key Features to Seek in an Orbit Alternative

When searching for an alternative to Orbit, consider platforms that offer an all-in-one solution—facilitating user engagement, data analytics, and seamless interactions within online communities. Essential features should include:

  • Comprehensive data tracking: Ability to monitor user activities and gauge engagement effectively.
  • Automated management tools: Platforms that automate routine tasks and streamline community operations.
  • Scalable Communication Systems: Tools like forums, direct messaging, and integration with major services such as Microsoft Teams to foster continuous interaction among community members.

Why Advocu Stands Out as a Premier Orbit Alternative

Advocu emerges as a leading contender, offering a holistic platform to manage developer ambassador programs and engage brand advocates efficiently. Here’s why Advocu is the all-in-one platform of choice:

  • Robust community management: Advocu provides tools to create, track, and manage vibrant communities and champions programs effectively that allow managers within your organization drive product adoption and sales.
  • Customizable onboarding flows: Ensuring a smooth transition for new community members, Advocu allows for the creation of tailored onboarding experiences that align with your organization's specific needs.
  • Configurable contribution tracking: Advocu enables you to define and customize the types of contributions and activities you want to track within your champions program, ensuring that every significant action is recognized and rewarded.
  • Advanced integrations and automations: With a suite of integrations including YouTube, GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Bevy, Advocu seamlessly tracks and manages community activities across various platforms, enhancing engagement and providing insightful analytics.
  • Engaging visibility of member activities: Community members can see updates and contributions from their peers, ranging from posts and GitHub contributions to achievements and event participation. This visibility of user generated content not only fosters a sense of community but also encourages active participation and collaboration that gives back to your brand visibility.
  • Engagement and feedback systems: With features designed to foster interaction and gather valuable feedback, Advocu helps enhance the knowledge and collaboration within communities.
  • Centralized resource hub: Advocu provides a dedicated space where managers can share important links, materials, and resources. This hub serves as a central repository for all essential information, ensuring that community members have easy and immediate access to the tools and knowledge they need to be successful and engaged within the program.
  • Seamless integration through dedicated APIs and user onboarding: Advocu ensures that transitioning from Orbit is smooth, with features that support easy data import and user onboarding.

Transitioning from Orbit to Advocu

Switching from Orbit to Advocu is streamlined to ensure minimal disruption:

  1. Data export and import: Export your champions program data from Orbit in formats like CSV and easily import it into Advocu.
  2. Customizable onboarding: Advocu offers personalized onboarding experiences for new users, ensuring everyone is up-to-speed with the new system.
  3. Continuous support: The Advocu team provides dedicated support throughout the transition process, helping organizations adjust to the new platform without losing momentum in their community engagement efforts.

Special Offer for Orbit Clients

To make the transition smoother and more appealing for Orbit clients looking for an alternative, Advocu is excited to offer the first three months of subscription completely free. This special promotion is designed to help you get acquainted with all the features and benefits of Advocu without any initial cost, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective switch.

Advocu’s Success Stories

Many organizations are already using Advocu, experiencing enhanced community engagement and more efficient program management. These success stories highlight the benefits of moving to an all-encompassing platform that supports dynamic community interaction and detailed program analytics.

Google Developer Experts Program

This program utilizes Advocu to streamline the management of its global network of technology experts. The platform’s robust tools help track and analyze the contributions of each member, ensuring that every expert is recognized for their efforts, fostering motivation and engagement throughout the community.

Women Techmakers Ambassadors

Advocu supports this vibrant community by providing a platform where ambassadors can connect, share resources, and track their activities. Customizable onboarding flows and activity tracking tailored to the unique needs of women in tech help drive engagement and growth, enriching the overall program experience.

Docker Captains

Known for its technical community, Docker uses Advocu to enhance the capabilities of its Captains program. With features like activity streams and a comprehensive resource hub, Captains can stay updated on each other’s contributions, engage more effectively, and access critical materials that support their roles as leaders and educators within the Docker community.

Other Orbit Alternatives

While Advocu offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to community management and developer ambassador programs, there are other platforms available that may suit different needs. Here's a brief look at some other alternatives to Orbit:

  • Circle: A versatile platform that allows you to build engaging and thriving communities. Ideal for creating member-only spaces that foster meaningful interactions.
  • Mighty Networks: Enables the creation of unique communities with a strong emphasis on driving engagement through events and content, perfect for brands looking to build tightly-knit networks.
  • Specifically designed for developer relations, it helps companies gather and analyze feedback, manage community interactions, and drive engagement.
  • Threado: Provides tools to prioritize, automate, and scale community engagement across various platforms, helping you manage multiple interaction points seamlessly.

Your Next Steps Towards a Thriving Community

As Orbit users navigate this transitional period, Advocu stands ready to not only fill the gap left by Orbit but to offer a more integrated and comprehensive solution for managing champions programs and online communities.

Ready to explore how Advocu can transform your community management strategy? Book a demo today to see the benefits of our all-in-one platform firsthand, and ensure your community continues to thrive in a post-Orbit era.

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