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Advocu podcast is dedicated to exploring the nuances of Developer Relations, brought to you by Jarek Jarzębowski and the experts behind the scenes.

Join us for insightful conversations with industry leaders from prominent tech companies like Google, PayPal, and more. Each episode delves into the strategies, experiences, and wisdom that shape successful DevRel programs.

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DevRel at PayPal with Christina Monti

Episode 01
May 25, 2023
31 minutes

Grab your headphones and get ready for the first episode of Advocu Podcast! I talk with Christina Monti about DevRel in PayPal and bring you the best of DevRel knowlege. Learn what DevRel means at PayPal, how does it translate to business, how to listen to Developers and make something with it, what do you need to focus on before working on a community.

About the host

Meet your podcast host, Jarek!

Jarek Jarzębowski is a seasoned podcaster and Advocu Platform Ambassador. In the Advocu Podcast, he dives into the subtleties of Developer Relations. Engage in enlightening chats with industry leaders from renowned tech giants like Google and PayPal. Tune in and discover the strategies, experiences, and insights that drive DevRel success – paving your way to excellence.

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